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Internal BOOS-Project on Data Handling

Terms of Reference

  1. Identify the data types of special interest in the Baltic Sea Region based on PAPA project results

  2. Define and implement an open data management system for effective and cost-efficient data flow using EU-common and standard methods proposed by MERSEA, SeaDataNet, ECOOP, InterRisk,

  3. Define and implement a meta-data system using standard methods acc. to ISO 19115, ISO19139.

  4. Evaluate and harmonise methods of data flow taking into account the distributed nature of data production

  5. Propose methods of data processing and statistical analysis

  6. Define methods how to implement the quality assurance of observation data as proposed in the PAPA-project.

  7. The WG will primarily work by e-mail correspondence .



Thomas Hammarklint, Chair

Vibeke Huess

Kai Soetje

Marchin Wichorowski

Niels Holt